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(Yet another?) Shooting - on Parade Place


I think I am ready to move. :? :(

Did anyone hear the shots last night at around 1:45-2am? I was awake until 1 something... did not hear the shots, but I did hear the helicopter flying past.

Add this to the current situation I am dealing with at my building and I think I've given this place a chance, but I'm not sure I want to be part of it much longer.


  • Where is "Prospect Park South"? Isn't that Kensington?
  • Nope. Kensington's (mostly) to the West of Coney Island Avenue.

    Caton Park, Prospect Park South, Ditmas Park etc. are all smaller neighborhoods under the general umbrella of Victorian Flatbush as you go sequentially South of the Parade Grounds at the Southern edge of Prospect Park.

    Parade Place itself is not in any of these, and is considered Flatbush or maybe East Flatbush.
  • I say we move this thread over there.

    ...by "we" I mean Jeffery.
  • Hah, on my mobile, missed the neighborhood heading.

    Consider it done.
  • I was under the impression that I lived in 'Prospect Lefferts' not Flatbush... It's 2 blocks from Ocean Ave/ Parkside train station.

    It is just one block on the wrong side of Coney Island Ave to be considered Kensington.
  • Near Prospect Lefferts, yes. Just as you are also near Caton Park, Prospect Park South and Kensington.

    The Southern boundary comes across Clarkson Ave and stops at Ocean Ave, which is the Western border of the neighborhood.

    The reason it has this name and exact borders is because this specific parcel of land was once a farm owned by the Lefferts family going back to 1660. This specific area of land was subsequently donated by the Lefferts family to the city in the late 1800s, with strict single-family-home charter restrictions on the smaller area inside PLG known as Lefferts Manor.

    The zip code of PLG is 11225, inside Community Board 9 and NYPD's 71st Precinct.

    You are two blocks west of the very SW corner of PLG at Ocean and Clarkson (which happens to have a subway stop as you mention at Ocean and Parkside, basically right at the corner border of the neighborhood).

    Your zip code is 11226, inside Community Board 14 and NYPD's 70th Precinct.

    Parade Place is off the map above, to the left (West).

    But like any other neighborhood, real estate agents and apartment landlords are prone to stretch borders when it financially suits them.
  • What I meant was that I don't think this belongs in the "Flatbush/Ditmas Park/Midwood" folder, but that's ok. It doesn't really matter.
    My intentions with posting this thread had nothing to do with the exact location or which neighborhood it fits into and so I'm disappointed in the fact that all 5 responses discussed that, rather than the actual topic I was trying to bring up.
  • we don't tend to be a group who shoots people, or knows who shot people.

    ...but, we can often chime in with:

    "wow, that's sad"
    "did you hear that, it sounds like 5 shots"
    "they sent a helicopter and everything"

    Lately, I've been fond of writing:

    "murder is bad no matter who it happens to, and no one deserves to die, but it rarely happens to strangers. Remain a stranger to those likely to kill you"
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