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What's up with Swan Cleaners on PPW?

Subject: What's up with Swan Cleaners on PPW?

Went by to drop off some clothes and the gate was down and saw "seized by US Marshal" notices on the door. Anyone know what's up? I don't think I have any clothes there, but wondering what happens if you dropped stuff off the day before it was seized.



  • we heard via phone call from someone at the store, that they could not come to terms w/ landlord over new $$$$ lease. Also was told that the sweet woman who works there became distraught and was hospitalized--she's still in hospital. They are making attempts to deliver clothes to customers via home delivery.

    I think this is so rotten and feel awful that this lovely family-based business is now forced out of their livelihood. I hope they resettle somewhere soon.

    spam /picket the landlord?
  • The Marshal's notice should give some reason for the action, however vague. If it was a LL dispute over the lease, if would be a little odd to come to a Marchal's siezure. But if they hadn't been paying rent for a long time, it is possible. A real bummer nonetheless.
  • Marshalls usually seize a property when it has not been collecting salaes taxes, or (ever worse) has been collecting sales taxes but not giving them to the gov.
  • they posted a note advising they will be open today and thursday from 2pm to 7pm .

    pick ups only.
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