Are rentals scarce in WT? — Brooklynian

Are rentals scarce in WT?

Are they scarce?


  • Is it a floor-thru on the first floor of a brownstone? If so, that price IS a bit high.

    If you are going through a broker, I'd suggest you try John Burke. As with anything - some like him, some don't. However, he really does know his way around WT better than any other broker I met on 7th Ave.
  • Thanks for the response. It is a floor through, and the bathroom and kitchen are seriously old and small. Thanks for the broker recommendation.
  • That's the setup I have. I pay less than that, and I moved into my apt. in 2007, when the market was high. My bathroom is tiny - the kitchen is small, but recently renovated. I hate the cabinetry, but the appliances are all new and stainless steel.

    Burke's # is (718) 768-1001. His office is not fancy, and all of his listings are on index cards instead of nice displays with pictures a la Corcoran. When I moved to WT in 1997, he found me my place (and 2 viable alternatives) when it seemed nobody else could. He didn't bother showing me stuff outside of my price range or with things that were unacceptable to me (carpets, wallpaper)
  • My suspicion is that brokers are describing most of their WT listings as "Park Slope"

    I agree that 2550 sounds high.
  • is your friend :).
  • rentometer does not factor in private yards.........which makes a BIG difference.
  • yeah but still yards are over rated :p, people should just do the price comparison which is the bottom line for most renters.
  • having a private yard myself, I can assure you they are NOT overrated. I use mine every day and it is worth every penny of the extra $ I spend in rent.
  • private yards are amazing, trust me :)
    i had some family friends comb WT a few months back and also not find very many viable options.......
  • they don't refer to John P Burke as the "Mayor" of WT for nothing. Like him or dislike him, I have to agree w/ Flexi. When I moved here in 98 I had the exact same experience and have fwd'd a number of friends to him w/ good results.
  • Thanks for all of the responses. Since I posted, I have seen 3 more apartments in WT. One was so gorgeous, in an nice old house like the one I grew up in (Midwood) but really out of my budget. Then I saw two really crappy ones on main streets, which I'm trying to get away from. I do have my heart set on WT now. Can you all tell me a little about the parameters of the neighborhood? It doesn't seem as clearly defined as say, PS.
  • WT barriers are pretty definite to me (as a lifelong resident). Its essentially the area between PPSW, Greenwood Cemetery, Vanderbuilt and PPW. There are some that might argue that it goes all the way down to McDonald Avenue but I think most old timers would agree that is Kensington. The closer you are to Bartel Pritchard, the prices would be higher.
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