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GlassBlowing Open House - August 13

edited 7:16AM in Park Slope
Scanlan Glass will be holding an open house reception on Friday, August 13 from 6pm - 9pm.
There will be glassblowing demos, refreshments, and music.
And the first couple dozen folks who want to may make a marble out of molten glass!

Scanlan Glass is at 3rd Avenue and 13th Street in Brooklyn.
Call 718-369-3645 for more information.


Mods - Would it be possible to cross-post to the Park Slope or other appropriate board, as it's a local neighborhood event?

I do not in any way profit from Scanlan Glass - it's just a cool, friendly place to blow glass, and I think anyone who likes to watch glassblowing or who is interested in glassblowing or art might like to know about this free event.



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