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Looking for dog-friendly apartment in Bay Ridge

I want to move to Bay Ridge since I like it and I also don't want to keep paying the crazy rent I'm paying now in Clinton Hill. But it's really hard to find a place. There's very little on Craig and it seems the ones I can find don't take dogs (virulant anti-dogites!). My pup is about 50 lbs., so he's not the small dog some buildings allow.

Anyone have any suggestions for where else to look? I have friends checking for For Rent signs in windows, but that's not the most efficient method. I'd rather not pay a fee, but if I have to, I will. I can afford up to $1400 for a 1 bedroom and I need to move in September.



  • Sunset Park is great for dog owners! Apartment rents are inexpensive for their owners. The park has 7-9 am off leash hours, but no real fenced off place for dogs to run. People do use the fenced off "edge" of the park on 44th st to let big dogs run and play, there is an unfenced drop off on one side that's too high for all except the dumbest dog to jump down. Lots of people have dogs here, you should check it out. The neighborhood is well served by the R train on 4th ave, and the B63 on 5th ave.
  • Thanks, sloopy. I'll consider Sunset Park, but I really would prefer the Ridge since I have friends there (and our dogs play together at the run on 86th St.) and know it well.

    I was hoping people could recommend other sources of places to look for apartment listings there besides Craigslist, like other sites or reputable realtors.
  • try looking in the Bay Ridge Courier newspaper, www.YourNabe.com, searching in their Classifieds section.
  • I am a Bay Ridge Realtor working with people who need housing/apartments. I think I can deffinately help you find the right place. Email me what your exact preferences are for an apartment and bedrooms? info@soldonbrooklyn.com

    I look forward to helping you.


    Ameer Hamdan
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