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Mona Lisa Loud Music

Hi - what can be done about the loud music that comes out of Mona Lisa everyi Friday/Saturday and sometimes Sunday night - I was told it can not be any more than 7 decimals loud - this music can be heard all the way over to 84th Street.

Something has to be done about this.


  • 1) Call 311

    2) Call Peter Abbate's office

    Peter Abbate
    49th District
    8500 18th Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York 11214
    Fax 718 234-0986

    3) Contact Community Board 11

    Brooklyn Community Board 11
    2214 Bath Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11214

    Phone Numbers
    Phone: (718) 266-8800
    Fax: (718) 266-8821

  • Thanks Queenoftheclick

    so far it has not been too bad - they seem to have taken away the loud speaker they had - it was bad people could hear it on 84th Street - if it ever gets bad again I will contact the Community Board 11, I have called 311 they have some complaints on file and I know others have called.
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