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Looking for Dentist

I'm interested in recommendations for dental work around Ditmas Park -Kensington-Windsor Terrrace-Park Slope or thereabouts.


  • I know a great dentist but he's in Dyker Heights.
  • This is the BEST one by far!!!


    Good luck!
  • Thank you. Sounds good.
  • How can you tell from an ad with a stoop and plants, GAP and the park. What does this have to do with good, professional dentistry?
  • Windsor Dentistry, Albert Heffez & Jennifer Lombardo. The office is located on 10th Ave. near Prospect Ave. Dr. Heffez takes the time to talk about what needs to be done and will explain what your options are. I believe they have been in practice for about 10 years. If you have a dental emergency I'm sure they would make the time in their off hours.
  • Thanks for the recommendations. Just looking for a dentist nearer to where I live.
  • I like Dr. Teichman who is on 7th Avenue between 10th & 11th.
  • [quote="turtle95"]I like Dr. Teichman who is on 7th Avenue between 10th & 11th.[/quote

    Years ago when dr teichman had his office on the corner of 11 st/5ave and i was a kid i went to this thief 27 years ago or so. He examined me and told me i had 24 cavities as a result of having my orthodontic braces off. He then told me i needed to give him $10,000 for the work. My parents told him NO
    turns out i had maybe six cavities . As far as im concerned hes just a common thief
  • I go to a dentist right around the corner from Union Hall in the slope. Its fun to have a beer when your face is all numb. Its like a game to not make a mess!

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