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Circles / Windsor Chophouse space

So, what's the word with these two spaces? They have such a prime position but have been empty for ages. Are they tied up in some kind of legal wrangling? I would love to have a nice brunch place there with a sidewalk cafe... it's just what Bartel Pritchard needs.


  • Maybe all the filth from the Pavilion seats seeped through the walls and created a health hazard.
  • wondering if anyone has any updated . . info on that space
  • I've been curious about this as well. There's been no news about what happened, but about 2 years ago, I vaguely remember a sign in their window suggesting they were going through "renovations."
  • I just happened to be walking by these two places again and decided to search Brooklynian for any new info. Looks like my post from almost exactly one year ago is the most recent. Anyone know what's holding up the leasing of these two places? Something other than Circles or the Chophouse (neither of which seemed to get glowing reviews) would really enliven the square.
  • lol i remember the place as the old Park House Diner....
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