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Four Fabulous Kittens Need a Home! (Now with video!)

Here is a flyer - more details below it:

Four little kittens came to our back yard in Bed-Stuy with their feral Mom. We took them in and have been socializing the kittens (Mom is too feral to keep inside). They are not completely relaxed with new people, but they have come a long way, and they are now ready to find safe, loving, patient forever homes!

These four kittens are incredibly cute and fun. Amy (fluffy gray and white) is friendly and loving and she has a loud purr. Tabitha (gray tabby) is kind of independent and silly. Mimi (all black) is shy but affectionate. Lola (also all black) loves to climb and is the most shy but when she opens her heart to you, it's truly an honor.

All four kittens will need a little extra patience until they find their way into your heart. Once you establish trust, you will be amazed at what joy these creatures can bring! We wish we could keep them, but we have six cats already, all rescued from the streets.

These girls are about three months old, FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and vaccinated, and all of them use a litter box. They are wonderful little kittens, and with just a bit of quiet patience, they are going to turn into loving and perfect cats.

Please PM me or email BedStuyCats at yahoo dot com if you want to meet them or for adoption (or fostering) information. They have to be adopted together (or in pairs). I'll update this post with videos soon!

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  • I wish I could have all of them, I have 2 dogs and my apartment feels like 27 sqf.

    Good luck

  • Thank you, Juan Carlos Sauceda. I wish I could keep all of them, too!

    For a while we had the kittens in a cage and the window open so that their Mom could visit them. When it got cold we closed the window (we did put a shelter oustide for her, and we feed her every day. She's very feral). Anyway, to watch and see if she did visit we set up a webcam that is still up. A lot of the time you can only see kittens napping, but sometimes there's some adorable and energetic playing action! Here is the site .

    Here's a picture of Mom with her kittens while she was recovering from being spayed.

    And here are some pictures we took just a few weeks ago. The kits have all gotten more relaxed and a little bit bigger since these pictures were taken. Last night I held each one and Amy, Tab, and Mimi all purred! Lola may not have purred but she did "knead" the air as I pet her.

  • Here is a video of the kittens!


    They are getting sweeter every day. They're still shy around strangers, but once they're in a home we think they'll just be great! Please tell your compassionate friends and family.

    If you can post a flyer, please PM me and I will email (or snailmail) one to you! Thank you.

    Edited to say - thank you, booklaw, for ammending the original subject line!

  • Here is a new video of the little kits.

    They are still desperate for a home!


  • All of the kittens let me cut their nails this weekend. When I cut Lola's I got too close to the quick, and she meowed and pulled her hand away from me and scrambled away. But she didn't hold a grudge and she let me try again after a couple of minutes They really are good kittens.

    Mimi has figured out how to open the closet door so that everyone can climb and play on the shelves.

    Sometimes when we go to pet one of the kittens on the windowsill, the others hop up and they swarm and crowd around in front of us purring, eager to be pet and snuggled.

    The kittens are still shy around strangers, but they no longer need much extra socialization.

    Here is a quiet video of the kittens playing with their first paper bag!


    For some reason we haven't got a lot of serious inquiries about these sweethearts. If you know anyone kind and stable looking for a couple of kittens, please PM me.

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