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$75 passbooks for clubs/yoga/pilates/etc...?

Has anyone ever bought/used one of these fitness coupon books?


I recently canceled my NYSC membership but something like this could be a fun way to sample different classes (and scope out a new gym, for when $$ starts rolling in again). If you have to endure a hard sell after each visit, though, it's not worth it IMHO.

I realize these places participate mainly to build their membership, and I respect that...but, still. I'm okay with email newsletters/promotions; just don't guilt me into sitting down with a pushy, anxious salesperson.


  • I've been doing work-study at a yoga studio that accepts those coupons. Our hard sell consists of writing initials on your coupon and asking you to complete a new student card/liability waiver. If you give us your email address, you'll be signed up for the newsletter.

    Don't know what clubs with salespeople would do to you, though... ;)
  • Thanks BB. Note to self: grow a spine! :oops:
  • Even if they did try a hard sell, you just tell them that you have a book full of coupons to use up and couldn't possibly commit right now...
  • Just beware, a lot of studios have tried to discontinue their participation in the Passbook, but the guy who prints and sells them just doesn't remove their names when the new books come out each year. So definitely call the studio in advance to make sure they still accept the passbook to avoid disappointment.

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