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Salsa Lizano?

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I've found sites talking about finding it in Queens and the Bronx but is there anyplace in Brooklyn? supplies from a trip to costa rica are now running low...


  • The Peter Luger sauce of Central America...... I'm always on the lookout but I've never seen it in NYC. I've always ordered it or had someone bring it back from a vacation. That stuff's been blessed by angels.
  • I don't know about Brooklyn, but if you are in Manhattan, try Kalustyan's at 123 Lexington Ave. I was able to find a hot sauce from Belize (Marie Sharp's) that isn't carried by many places. Plus, the store is amazing and has a ton of interesting and hard-to-find stuff.
  • Did you get the Marie Sharp's citrus/orangey habanero sauce? I had that one for a while, long enough that I finally threw it out just before I moved to PH. Was just in Kalustyan's today since I was in the nabe and couldn't help buying some galangal, keffir lime, and I forget what other couple of things (Like to cook Thai curries and Indian food from whole spices -- but I'll get the spices cheaper at a normal Indian store). Oh, yeah, Hing. At another store they gave me a medjool date and I'm still coming down from the sugar high. They had Indian mangoes for $4 at the other store, which are apparently in season and supposed to be great.
  • ^ No, I use the "Fiery hot" Marie Claire's. How is the citrus one?

    Indian mangos can be found in Sunset Park Chinatown for ~$1 each and at Rossman's as well
  • I found salsa lizano online at and had it delivered to my door.

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