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Pet Boarding

I've asked this before, so I apologize for the repost but I just went through 9 or 10 search pages and couldn't find my old post.

In any case, I need to board my dog for about a week.

Any suggestions for good places? Places to avoid?

Thanks for the help.


  • My dogwalker Stacey does boarding in her home. I think she's 45 per night...and your dog gets full attention...OR, Eva's Play Pups is great!
  • Woofs 'N Whiskers - speak with Danielle.
  • Some folks on this board have recommended this place before - looks awesome.
  • Glencadia and Town & Country.

    I do not use them, but know many other dog owners who use one or the other and it's all been rave reviews. Just today someone I know in the park who has two very different dogs (one very attached to the owner with some separation anxiety + one prone to overexcited playing/fighting) was talking about how great T&C are with both of her dogs every time.

    If your dog is used to off-leash, you might like Mark. He's usually out with his two dogs + boarders and he's definitely on my list of boarders even though my dog does NOT like to live with other dogs. I don't have contact info but I see him most days so could get it if you want. Not sure on rates.

    Dog Abbey is a daycare in Brooklyn that does overnights and I've also heard very good things about them from some very picky owners I know from the park.

    If you prefer home boarding, I have info on a couple of folks that I don't want to post here so PM me if you want it. They are around $50+ per night.
  • I get this question all the time, and I always encourage people to consider hiring a petsitter to stay with your dog in her home instead (full disclosure: I used to do this work but no longer do. I only do walking and training now). It's less traumatic for the dog because his routine is less interrupted, and you can fully vet the one person who will be responsible - as opposed to your dog being watched by low wage workers in shifts. Not to mention you avoid the dreaded kennel cough!

    If you do use a boarding facility, at least make sure that they have staff on hand 24/7. I know it's shocking but at least one place used to, and maybe still does, leave the dogs caged alone overnight.
  • Oh, I just looked at one of the Glencadia video's since my friend's dog is there now and it was so fun to see her running around and looking so happy.
  • i recommend susie:
  • vanilla wrote: i recommend susie:
    Susie walked my dog when we lived in her working area and I thought she was great with dogs and very professional.
  • i don't have a dog, but i have met susie and know another of her walkers quite well. they are both excellent people.
  • anyone have any feedback on posh pets?
  • Susie rocks! she took care of my dogs when they were pups, always did right by them.
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