Why go to Dutch Boy when you can eat at Bristens!? — Brooklynian

Why go to Dutch Boy when you can eat at Bristens!?

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Seriously, the food is much better.


  • Why does there only need to be one?

    Clearly other business models in the area do not follow similar logic. Why think this one would be any different?

    Also, are they both open late?

    If not, that could be a big reason right there.
  • Not exactly sure what you mean, but I think they should both persist as establishments. I just want to pump up the volume for Bristen's because they are empty on a regular basis, yet the food delicious. As to Dutch Boy's popularity, I believe the bar is a big factor, as well as the late night service.
  • I've been to Bristen's several times and have always enjoyed the food (both for brunch and lunch). Yummy sandwiches and sweet-potato fries! But the draw this time of year is definitely their outdoor seating. Perfect on sunny spring days!
  • my problem is that i never know when they're going to be open! i've been there like 3 or 4 times and they've been closed on normal dinner hours! they seem to open and then close and then open ... and no day is the same as the last. when i'm hungry i want to walk somewhere and eat. i'll try again i'm sure, though..
  • As per the sign in their window, they are now closed for good.

  • Too bad...but really not at all surprising.

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