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Loving home for Pomeranian

Does anyone know of a Pomeranian that needs a good home?

I've been looking in the shelters but most of the dogs I've seen are large and my landlord specifically stated that I'm only allowed a very small dog.

There's no way I'll go to a pet store and I am reluctant to go to a breeder just yet. If anyone knows of a Pom seeking a home please let me know.

I'm a mature graduate student, no children, I have a large, private fenced in yard, and I have lots of time, attention and love to give to my pet.


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  • Check with Sean Casey rescue as well as Brooklyn ACC. Good luck and let us know when your new addition comes home!

  • look on petfinder.com - rescue orgs list there, and you can sort by breed/location/etc

  • Wow, That posting is old. Well the woman I had gotten my old dog from (on Petfinder...thanks!) had a really difficult time giving the dog away, she'd had her for years, but because of some problems where she lived she had no choice. I had promised her that any time she ever wanted to come over and visit she could.

    However, after a few months she contacted me and asked me if she could take the dog for a few days over Christmas last year and I said yes. I called several times and although her boyfriend left me a message a few days later promising to return the dog they never did and changed their phone number. I've been pretty heartbroken about it and I only had the dog a few months, so I sort of I understood how she must have felt. Still, it was a pretty tough time for me and I've finally decided to look for another dog.

  • Keep searching, don't go to a breeder/pet store - it'll be worth it in the end for sure. It took me about six weeks of searching to find my girl to adopt, and she wasn't the breed I initially thought I wanted, but I love her so much and can't imagine not having her/can't imagine buying a dog while knowing others are being killed. I know Poms are cute (I have a friend with FIVE of them; the barking is unbelievable) but so are many others out there. :)


    There's a puggle looking for a home today there~

  • Be sure to check in with the Pom rescue groups. You can find their contact info via the AKC.org site, then look under the specific breed. As for some equating responsible breeders with pet shops, I differ strongly on that point. Responsible breeders are always looking for good homes for their "older" dogs. Most show & breeding careers last only 3-4 years, so new homes are always welcome.

    As for breed-specific characteristics, so not assume that all Poms are barking fools - dogs are trainable. Poms also don't need clothes; they have fabulous coats of their own. Remember they are just miniature Nordics.

  • There's an over the hill Pom on CBS this morning for adoption at the ASPCA. Owner died I think. It's on a diet.

  • LOL @ Bendy Broad, that is f-ing funny.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. my boyfriend surprised me and got me a female Pom puppy from a shelter and I'm in love. (with him, too.)


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