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The World's Most Huggiest Cat! Needs Good Home.

The Worlds Most Affectionate, Kissy & Huggy Cat.

Name: Mr. Red, AKA PAPO

Male: 7 Years Old: Red & White

He is amazing with kids and other animals. Very adventurous, with all his shots and is fixed.

This is my precious boy Mr. Red (Aka Papo). He is the son of our families first cat Sugar.. He was the biggest baby out of the litter. My sister and I kept his sister the littlest one of the litter, affectionately named Mini-Sugar. We gave away all the kittens to friends and family. We have a return policy on our pets, NEVER EVER give them to a shelter or leave them on the street if you can’t take care of them. We are BIG pet lovers. We also have two Chihuahuas (Cinnamon and Brownie).

So Mr. Red was given to a friend when he was born in 2005. That friend started traveling a ton btw coast and was unable to take care of him. He is a music video director.

So my sister and I added Mr. Red back into our family and large apartment, which includes 2 dogs and another Cat. My sister moved out last year and I moved into a studio. (The super does not allow me to keep any cats). So I have been keeping my RED and Mini under cover as much as possible. We have tons of fun; they are both very playful and have a super wonderful life here in my apt. However, they can’t stay away from the Window to peer out to the world like most cats. Just imagine me scrambling every time the super comes to fix a leak or something in the apartment, I have to hide the litter and cats and hope they don’t meow. (Like a sitcom)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE RED. However, I prefer to gift him with a HAPPY home were he can chill by the window as much as he pleases like the old days.

He also kinda talks back when you speak to him. People know him for his HUGS! He stands tall on his hind legs and reaches for actual hugs. It melts your heart.

So if your family is looking to Adopt a cat like Red please contact me.

• Must provide references if you are considered

• Must be animals lovers!

• Plus if you have other cats or small dogs.

• And let me visit him every few weeks or even months.


photos are on his craigslist ad.

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  • Oh My God! He is sooooo cute and surely somebody could use a huggy bear like this.

  • Find a new apartment. You can't break up with your cat.

  • There are tons of precious, affectionate cats dying in our city shelter every day.

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