Why is Newt Gingrich ever asked his opinion on marriage? — Brooklynian

Why is Newt Gingrich ever asked his opinion on marriage?

Are there any qualifications required whatsoever by traditional media to speak on a topic?

I hope they interview me about quantum physics one day. I walked past a physics lecture once.


  • Newt has been married three times, so clearly he is an expert.

    If they're worried about threats to the institution of marriage, they should ban divorce.
  • Both good points.
  • Apparently not. Remember that the religious organizations that are opposed to same sex marriage also oppose divorce (fault or no fault) and remarriage of divorcees. No state or federal law has ever required that a religious organization marry anyone. If you don't believe me, ring your local Catholic parish and tell them that you are a divorced Episcopalian and you want to marry your Jewish fiancee in their Church and see what kind of reception you get. When I was more closely associated with the Catholic Church, most parishes would only book in weddings if one of the parties was a parishioner that regularly attended Sunday Mass.
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