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La Cuarta - Closed for good?

Living around the 25th street area, "nice" restaurants are hard to come by. LaCuarta was one of the few bright spots. They had a really nice ambience, decent food and pleasant surroundings. I notice the restaurant has been closed for quite some time now and at first I was hoping the owners were on some sort of vacation but it seems the place won't be coming back. A true shame! I was wondering if anyone knows for sure whether they will be reopening at any point in the future or if we'll have to search for classy fare somewhere else. I see a "building for sale sign" on the place so perhaps they lost their lease (?)


  • a lot of buildings are being sold around here and the landlords are asking for more rent. On 4th and 42 there was a hair place that I loved, that went out of business because of the landlord selling the building. On 5th and 4o or 41s I forget, there was also a similar deal. There used to be a great chicken place in that building and the building was vacated.

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