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Found Abyssinian Cat

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I found a red/cinnamon colored abyssinian cat this morning in South Park Slope. We are taking care of her in our home and have taken her to the vet she is dehydrated but doing well.

Please contact me if you are the owner or know who she may belong to.

thank you,


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  • Here is a photo:

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  • Oh, I hope you find her owners or a permanent home. From my post on the Pets Board on ways to help:

    Some helpfull links for anyone who needs to place a pet:

    Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

    Slope Street Cats

    Infinite Hope

    Don't forget craigslist and Petfinder!

    Post fliers at subway stops! It has worked before. Also pet stores and market bulletin boards.

  • She looks so sweet. Bless you for taking her in. I hope

    someone is looking for her.

  • Thank you for all that info Mamacita! We will definitely go to all those places and are working on a flyer right now. she is possibly one of the sweetest cats I have ever met. we just need to fatten her up a bit.

  • Check out Tabby Tracker too - maybe someone reported her as lost but you can also post her as found on there too.

    While she does have big ears and a narrow face its hard to tell when they are so thin if she is really an Abyssinian, she is likely a mix though. Also some people get breed names wrong, I've seen people saw normal longhairs are maine coons and the like so when you search for the owners dont narrow your search by breed.

  • We have posted on a number of boards and posted posters around town but no one has turned up as her owner. we took her to the vet and they confirmed she is an abyssinian. the search continues but for now she is very cozy in our home.

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