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Cat dandruff? How do I get rid of it?

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My cat has dandruff, it is super gross, I hate it, and it aggravates my allergies. Anyone know how to get rid of the problem?

Also, do you use this comb? Is it worth the price? He's a short hair black cat.

"FURminator Small Blue deShedding Tool with 1.75-Inch Edge"


  • Usually it is a re-action to dry heated areas or not enough oil in the kitty diet. You could try adding some cod liver oil to his diet. I used the old square wire brushes (only one of the cats actually liked it) which got the dandruff up and then used a moist glove which got the dandruff off. I never used the Furminator - but it sounds like it is more for shedding. You need to get down as close as you can to the skin - not just eliminate the loose top fur strands.

  • Furminator is a wonderful brush for heavy shedder pets. If they have an undercoat (the part that falls out and coats your home), using this brush regularly will make a big difference.

  • Yeah, he's been absolutely loving his bed by the radiator. He loves to bake himself there, I guess I just never put the 2 together. Any cheap place I can find a big bottle of fish or cod liver oil?

    This cat is so spoiled, little hairy bastard :cat:

  • If you go into any of the Korean greengrocers they usually have cod liver oil behind the counter. Regular drug stores carry the pills (which you can cut up but its a chore), but rarely have the oil itself.

  • I use the Vitamin E capsules from Duane Reade. Stick a pin in the top and squirt on food (or into his mouth as I did for one of my cats - little bugger LOVED the stuff - would come running and try to wrap his paws around my wrist as I was trying to stick the pin in).

    Ain't it the truth? They are all spoiled rotten - but the love you get is worth the headaches.

  • Just buy tuna or salmon in oil..and feed it to them every evening. Before kitty litter will stink a little more!

  • I was told too much fish in a male cats diet causes UTI's.

  • My cat was suffering from this and the vet told me it was a side effect of the herpies virus that many cats have. If your cat is also prone to eye discharge that could be a sign. I was told to give my cat a lysine suppliment ( You can buy it in regular pharmacies very cheaply). I use a pill crusher to add a 500mg pill into her wet food every day. Not only does she not have weepy eyes but her fur is thick,fabulous and dandruff free!

  • Dandruff is frequently associated with the food the animal eats. I see so many cats with dandruff.. and it almost always goes away with a transition to quality food. Dry food is a culprit.

    Fish is not a good idea for cats. Aside from the heavy metal and pollutants in fish, alot of cats are allergic to it; it is also associated with thyroid disease later in life. I do, however, recommend a few drops of salmon oil for omega3 fatty acids.

    Hope this helps,


  • I would not recommend cod liver oil; it is very high in vitamins a & d, and too much of those vitamins is toxic. I would, however, recommend fish BODY oil (like salmon oil)


    Pooch & Kitty

  • Salmon oil, we sell it at my mom's. I put it in all the cats food and Ripley's too. Great stuff.

  • He's extra dandruffy this week. It is so obvious because he's a black cat. Caseo, how much is a month supply at your mom's store? Is it basically the same as the Omega 3 fatty acid pills you buy at a health food store or is there something special about Salmon oil made for pets?

  • Oh, and I bought the Furminator. Works great, but getting the cat to let me use it on him is a comedic endeavor.

  • This is straight salmon oil with a little rosemary extract, comes in a pump bottle. An 8oz bottle is about $13, less for you of course, and that'll last you a while with one cat. I'll be there today, Friday, and Saturday. We're having an adoption event Saturday from 12-6 with Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, come by if you can!

  • I actually prefer the salmon oil that you buy at a (human) health food store -- it comes in capsules. The issue with the stuff that's made for animals (in a pump bottle) is that it quickly turns rancid. There's also big differences in quality between different brands. I actually came across this article a few days ago:

    But I want to stress again that dandruff OFTEN comes from food -- either quality of the food, or possibly an allergy to one or more of the ingredients.


  • Not the Grizzly salmon oil, we've been using it for a couple years and never had a problem with it. You can refrigerate it if you're worried about it going bad. Definitely agree the dandruff can come from food though, feeding a high quality food is better for your pet and your wallet in the long run. Mama, tell me you're not feeding him meow mix or something awful like that!

  • No meow mix!

    I feed him adult cat food, special diet, to manage UTI prone male kittahs.

    I think it's only a winter problem. The building is super heated, so my skin and nose is suffering too. The humidity is very low (next winter I'm buying a humidifier.) I'll add some salmon oil for me and him! We could both use it :lol:

  • There's also a liquid product called Allerpet that you can squirt onto a washcloth and wipe the cat down with. Don't worry - it's not a soaking, and hilarity will likely not ensue. We had two cats with a similar problem and that did help. Not sure where you're located, but we always got ours at VC Pet on 9th St between 4th and 5th.

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