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Veterinarian recommendations in Bed-Stuy?

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Hello everyone! I'm a newcomer to Brooklyn (going on 3 months now) and the time has come to get my dog his annual visit done. I've googled "bed-stuy veterinarians" to the point of exhaustion but the reviews on each of the few places around me seem to be either non-existent or not helpful so...I come to you all for advice.

He's a 15lb Westie mix with no pre-existing diseases.

Thanks in advance!



  • I don't know vets in that area (just PS), but he is a cutie! Did you check Yelp for reviews as well (I know the Yelp rating/comment system is a bit unfair/skewed, but if there are enough reviews, you can get a consistent theme)?
  • Thank you! I did check yelp but it only has one review for one hospital which was really good but when I googled that specific place, it had horrible reviews across other sites, a number of them pretty vicious with naming people.

    "Bedford Stuyvesant Veterinary Clinic" if you know anyone who has used it or heard anything about it.

    Granted, I may be coming off a little picky but I've never had to do this before. His previous vet, in Riverdale (Bronx), I knew via my mother and they were great.
  • Brooklyn Cares Vet Clinic on Fulton between Grand and Washington. Disclaimer: One of my bestest friends works there which is one of the reasons I recommend it but definitely not the only one. They actually do care about animals and are supportive of rescuers (the doctor did eye surgery on a dog for a rescue group at cost). Great place.
  • We use Brooklyn Cares also, Kerry the wonderdog likes it so much so insists on going in and getting a cookie when she walks by
  • Westie mix?? Looks like a pure-bred Westie to me. If you are interested in terrier activities, den trials, etc. contact me off list. There are a number of game llittle Westies keeping those Brooklyn rats in line.
  • Sorry, I didn't realize my reply last night never posted. To repeat: thank you so much for the rec! I'm going to call tomorrow and make an appointment for him. And I'm definitely all for a place that supports rescue groups since my boy is a rescued pup. And he's definitely all for treats. :)

    Salix, That's what I've always said and so have a lot of people but his rescue shelter vet and his previous vet said otherwise but thanks, I will keep that in mind!
  • I love animals. I do not currently have a pet but I do have several friends that have used the services of the "Bedford Stuyvesant Veterinary Clinic" located at 418 Tompkins Ave. (near the corner of Halsey Street and Tompkins Ave.) and my friends are very pleased with the clinic's pet sitting and veterinarian services.

    I went there with one of my friends recently. I was impressed with the animal clinic's cleanliness and the staff was very friendly.

  • People are iffy on Bed-Stuy Vets. I've personally gone there and gotten decent reasonably priced service, but I've read reviews on-line from folks who thought they were overcharged, or received sub-standard care. Last time my cat was sick took him to BC and they were able to accommodate me with a last minute appointment and reasonable service, although it was slightly higher in price than BSV. Personally I would recommend either, although I am upfron with folks about the fact that my experience with BSV is not the universal one.

  • I used Bed Stuy Vets on Tompkins when I first got my dog and needed to finish up her vaccines. Their prices were fair and they also cared for my dog when she had a bad UTI, but their bedside manner leaves much to be desired. They constantly made snide comments about me giving her a 'people' name, looked surprised when I informed the head vet that my dog is spayed and I had no intention of ever breeding a dog, and wouldn't even enter into a serious discussion with me about raw feeding. Personally, I'll never go back.

    We switched to Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital on Vanderbilt, but then moved out of the area. Now that we're back we've gone with 6th Ave Animal Clinic and have been very happy so far, really reasonable rates and caring vets who make follow-up calls.

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