How low can the RIAA go? — Brooklynian

How low can the RIAA go?

well apparently they have alot of friends in Tennessee besides having friends in the white house who are working in the justice department lol enforcing alot of crappy copy rights related laws instead of going after real criminals.

Tenn. passes Web entertainment theft bill

State lawmakers in country music's capital have passed a groundbreaking measure that would make it a crime to use a friend's login — even with permission — to listen to songs or watch movies from services such as Netflix or Rhapsody.

The bill, which has been signed by the governor, was pushed by recording industry officials to try to stop the loss of billions of dollars to illegal music sharing. They hope other states will follow.


  • The RIAA: killing itself one lawsuit at a time.

  • I don't see how they can enforce this. Hell, I take out CDs from the library and record them at home for my own personal use. for unlimited file sharing I can see them going after the biggest offenders and they should. Most people would get pissed off if someone else takes credit for what they did at their job and they didn't get the recognition. The artist is entitled to their royalties and someone bootlegging thousands of copies is certainly depriving them of rightfully earned income.

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