CB7 Public Saftey Committee meeting 6/13 @ 6:30pm — Brooklynian

CB7 Public Saftey Committee meeting 6/13 @ 6:30pm

Via the CCGH listserv:

Hot greetings,

As promised, I wanted to let the groups know about the upcoming Public Safety meeting at CB7.

Since this is a fast month before CB7's summer break, and a full Board meeting next Wednesday, June 15, the Public Safety committee has decided to meet prior to next Wednesday.


The Public Safety Committee Meeting

Monday, June 13 at 6:30pm

Brooklyn Community Board 7

4201 4th Avenue

(718) 854-0003

Committee Chair, Daniel Murphy


> Update on sex crimes in CB7/72nd Pct.

>Quality of life issues in area surrounding 16th Street and 5th Avenue

>Updates of other issues in the community

All committee members, Board members, local electeds and the 72nd Pct. have been invited to attend. The meeting is open to the public.


OK, now with the official announcement aside, the Board was unable to secure a location in the northern art of the district due to the quick time frame. And please remember, this is Dan's meeting, not mine. I will just be attending as a Board member ans concerned neighbor. He will be setting the agenda and moderating the discussion.

It is VERY IMPORTANT if you have experienced any of the above issues, been posting to these threads and have questions/statements to make. that YOU ATTEND THE MEETING.

This committee meeting will be reported on (and potentially have actionable resolutions) at the last Board meeting before the July/August break.

I encourage you to spread the word and contact your local electeds to ask them to attend. I am CCing those electeds in thei e-mail for your use and as MY official invite to the meeting.

So, I hope to see lots of folks there next Monday night. I may be driving, if so, I'll see if folks want to car pool.

I'll be there!

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