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What Wines Do You Like to Drink?

I recently discovered Hecula, a Spanish red (monastrell or mourvèdre grape) with a medium body and fruity (blackberry and cherry) character. It's dry and silky smooth (after it breathes a bit). Moreover, it's a bargain. I bought a few bottles for about $10 each. What are you drinking?


  • Although I must confess I am not a wine connoisseur but I love the Jordan red wines. They seem to be a bit more pricier than your Hecula (about $25 per bottle) but it sounds like they may taste similar. Where did you pick up this Hecula?

  • I picked it up while I was out of town, but I know it's available at the Wine Library in New Jersey. Would love to find it in Brooklyn as well.

  • Whatever that wine was they were drinking in Sideways.

    Also: Santa Rita Carmenere Reserva.

  • Mark West pinot noir (also did the Mirasou pinot noir) both about $10 a bottle

  • These are all interesting recommendations. I will put them on my "to buy" list. Nothing better than a glass of good, red wine before turning it in.

  • I am a year round rose fiend. Lately I have been real swet on Jelu malbec rose from Argentina thst Gnarly Vines sells for 12 bucks. For red, I love this Heartland Stickleback shiraz blend from Australia also 12 bucks at Gnarly Vines. Those are the everyday favourites.

  • A malbec rose? Wow, that sounds really interesting. I love shiraz/syrah, and the Stickleback sounds like a genuine bargain. Will definitely be visiting Gnarly Vines to check that out. Thanks nofay.

  • This one seems to be hard to find in Brooklyn but I like Red Truck. It's a cheap California red blend (probably 10 a bottle at most). They also make a pino noir and a cabernet. I haven't had the pino but the cabernet is pretty good too.

  • Thunderbird, Night Train, Wild Irish Rose.

  • Champipple.

  • Red Truck is good. I see it every so often.

    I like every tempranillo and montepulciano ever.

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