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Please rescue Jack Russel

My Chinese neighbor's have this really nice 8-9 year old Jack Russel. The problem is they just had a baby and now they are neglecting the poor dog. The dog is gated up in a tiny space all day & all night because they are so paranoid the baby will catch some kind of health problem from the dog. My dog don't get along with the dog so we can't take him. Would anyone know anyone at all who would open their home and give this dog the love and attention that he deserves? It just breaks my heart.


  • Check the sticky on the Pets Board, there are many adoption agencies out there. If it's a pure breed the dog has an even better chance at quickly getting a new home (personally I like mutts.)

    HOWEVER, You *personally & legally* need to have authorization from the owners to adopt out or give away their dog. Have they given you the OK on paper to release this dog into the hands of anyone you see fit?

  • I second mamacita. Have your neighbors asked you to take the dog or find it a home? Because otherwise, unless the dog is being abused, it's not really your problem. The most you can do is try to find out if what they're doing reaches the level of abuse and report them.

  • I totally think locking your dog up in a corner all day and all night long without any attention at all is abuse. He is walked twice a day for 5 minutes and that's it. No exercise nothing.

    The owners told me they are willing to give the dog up. This is why I am trying to find someone to take this loving dog into their home.

    Thanks much

  • Your "Chinese" neighbors??? Really??? Not just your, I don't know, neighbors?

  • Sorry nearnostrand, didn't mean anything by that. I was just angry.

  • LOL!! Okay I really did just laugh out loud!

    :-k Sunshine, you should probably stop while you are ahead. By replying that you were "just angry" makes it kind of sound as if you were actually, really and truly, using the word Chinese as a slur. I am sure that is very frustrating to see someone neglect their pet. But, you must understand that even though, as you say, your "neighbors" are willing to give the dog up, I am positive that they would by no means appreciate having their racial heritage batted about in regard to the situation with their dog and would probably go as far as to question the sincerity of your motives. I know I would be pissed off and would no longer entertain any conversation with you regarding my personal affairs.

    Since I am sure that is not what you want, I just urge you to be a little more thoughtful as you embark on this "good deed."

  • Wow! You really must have an axe to grind. Do you look for deep meaningful sub-text in everything you read? Sounds like you do. I should have said my ‘human’ neighbors I suppose so as not to give away my obviously evil intentions. They are neighbors of mine and they happen to be Chinese, but I obviously didn’t fool you oh no. You are far too wise for me. You appear to have figured me out completely by my unwitting use of the word ‘Chinese’. I think you should work for the FBI – they employ people like you who can get to the bottom of things. But I say ‘Good for you!’ Unfortunately I don’t have prize to give you but I hope you enjoy many hours of reading things into people’s comments and getting away from the point – which is the emotional abuse of an ‘Chin….!’ Animal. Whoops! Look at that, I nearly did it again. Look at me, I just can’t help myself. Perhaps you too should be more thoughtful, especially when assigning the ‘racist’ tag – which is what you have done – and stop being a know-it-all. Oh, and I’m glad you laughed out loud. Sorry that’s ‘LOL’. How very condescending of you.

  • Wow. Looks like I struck a nerve, which would be good, if you hadn't missed the larger point. Oh well. And by the way, that wasn't me condescending (although I can condescend with the best of them), that was me being honest and pointed.

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