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Attempted rape near 7th Ave and 20th St. 6/25/11 (topic updated)

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From the CCGH list serv

Colin and all,

I am responding to the original e-mail, though it seems by 2 others there's a confirmed investigation.

This is most disturbing, especially after the CB7 meeting with the 72nd Pct. where they promised to up the police's presence in the norther part of the district.

I may ask CB7's Public Safety Committee to hold an emergency summer this MUST STOP. The spike in violent crime in this part of the Pct. is extremely troubling, and I believe, controllable with more focused pro-active patrolling by the Pct.

While zero crime should be the goal, this amount of violent crime in our area (and in the South Slope) is 100% unacceptable. At the very least, as a community we should try to meet to see, what as average citizens, we can do, since the Pct. obviously cannot handle the situation appropriately.



Hello everyone,

I've lived at 7th ave and 20th for five years, and I've heard from a couple of neighbors I trust that there was another rape right here at our intersection over the weekend. I haven't seen anything written about this elsewhere, so I wanted to get the word out if it isn't yet.

Here are the basics of what the people I've spoken with have passed on -- the rape happened late one night this weekend (I believe Friday, and I would guess that it had to have occurred around the car wash and new donut shop east of 7th ave). Today there were detectives at the Greenwood deli asking about their security footage. A detective also spoke to one of the neighbors who filled me in -- he couldn't recall the name, but my neighbor did say the detective was from the 72nd precinct.

If anyone knows of other coverage or information, I'd be grateful for it. I wish I had more to substantiate this, but what I've heard has me concerned enough to send this around and try to make more people aware. If this did happen, I really hope that more comes out soon, especially in light of recent events and the meeting on the subject, so that the community is better prepared to take the appropriate steps/precautions.


  • Thanks for the update.

    I wondered if something else happened because the NYPD community relations reps were handing out pamphlets at the 25th street subway station yesterday. I've heard a number of people in the neighborhood speculating that the guy they caught was not involved in all of the incidences - either not the right guy or there is another one.

    More information is always helpful, so again, thanks

  • The guy they caught in the rape on 27th St. was not fingered by either of the victims from Bay Ridge or the South Slope.

    Whether this is another isolated incident, who knows...certainly not the cops.

  • From the CCGH listserv:

    Just got off the phone with CB7. Our Dist. Mgr,Jeremy Laufer, called the 72nd Pct. to inquire about the attack and investigation hearsay.

    On Saturday, June 25 at approx. 4:00AM a young woman, who had just left a group of friends, was entering her building, in/around 7th ave and 20th St., when she was grabbed from behind. The attacker attempted to force his way into the building, but she was able to fight him off. He escaped up 8th Ave. She was not harmed. The 72nd Pct. is considering this an attempted sexual assault.

    They have recovered video of the attack and have sent it to the local news outlets.

    Now, did they wait to alert the Board due to the investigation? Laziness? Or did it prompt a release (today) after Jeremy called and then some one remembered the DI's promise at our meeting 3 weeks ago?

    Your call.

    I am glad to hear the victim is safe and there's an ongoing investigation.

    i still believe it is necessary to take this, and all the other violent crimes over the past year +, to Brooklyn South.

    TBD, as per what the Board's public safety committee and Chair wish to do.

    Comments welcome.

  • 72nd Pct. flier about the cases up on Brownstoner, on the list serves and attached to this post.

    here's the brownstoner link

    Attached files image
  • Sorry, here's the file.

    Attached files NYPD_Safetey_Alert.pdf (140.1 KB)
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