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New Community Garden opening

Tomorrow is the grand opening of a new community garden at 219 34th St bet 3rd and 4th Aves.


Flea market with handmade crafts

Home cooked traditional Mexican treats

Fresh organic eggs from the chickens

Food justice workshop about barriers to access to good Affordable food in the neighborhood starts at 1pm

Saturday July 9

Market 10am - 5pm

Food Justice Workshop 1pm

219 34th Street


  • NICE! is it a farmer's market too? I don't eat eggs. I would love to buy veggies though!

  • The garden is very small (narrow) and last I heard they were not planning on veggies, but that might have changed. The contact person for that particular garden is Leticia Alanis, email

    There is also a community garden on 64th St between 3rd and 4th Ave which is much bigger. Last I heard there were plots available, so if you want to grow your own, this might be the place. I don't have any phone # or email for them, just go there on a Saturday and talk to someone.

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