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Frankie needs a home

Frankie is a full grown English Bulldog with aggression problems who is available for adoption from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. For more information please call (718) 436-5163 or e-mail


  • Aww, but he does have a cute face! and a perfect name.

    Hope Frankie finds a good home!
  • I hope Frankie finds a great home soon! Poor boy has been through so much, it seems.

    Sean, I've adopted from your organization as well as adopted/fostered from others in the area, and I just have to commend you for your honesty and your dedication to making sure that your animals are adopted into homes that are the right fit for all involved. I know it's not the easy way, but it's the right way. Kudos, sir.
  • Update:

    Frankie has been returned to the shelter after things did not work out in one home. Frankie has a lot of love to give and can be extremely sweet, but also has some serious issues… Frankie needs to find a home with the following:

    1. No small children.

    2. No other dogs (especially small dogs) or cats.

    3. Either a ground level home, or a building with an elevator, or an owner who is able and willing to carry a 50-pound dog up & down stairs every single day.

    4. An owner who understands Frankie’s aggression problem, has a training plan, and is willing to take some risks.

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