Thieves cut a tree down to steal a bike — Brooklynian

Thieves cut a tree down to steal a bike

Thieves cut a tree down to steal a bike, how messed up.

Well This Is Pretty Awful of the Day: Redditor TenThousandSuns posted this CCTV footage of bike thieves appearing to chop down a ginko tree in Kensington, Brooklyn, at 2 AM just to lift “a $50 department store bike locked with a $10 cable lock.”

That’s bad enough, but then it gets much worse: The tree was planted by the Redditor’s dad.

“My dad co-paid with the landlord for the foresters to plan[t] this specific tree. I don’t know if it’s actually his legally, but it’s definitely his in spirit,” he writes. “[M]y dad really wanted that type of tree as allegedly it’s very long lived. A legacy if you will.”


  • its not kengsington :p if you cross ocean parkway. culturally feels like a different part of town.

    what waste, no body thought to call the cops etc....

  • That sucks, and the thieves are complete d-bags (I don't think that they even wanted the bike - it was for shits and giggles), but it's worth noting that it's illegal to secure a bike to a tree in NYC; if a tree is thin enough to wrap a chain around it, it's probably not very mature, and the chain can cause enough damage to threaten the life of the tree. If someone were to chain their bike to the youngish tree in front of my building, I'd leave a note requesting that they not do it any more.

  • you think he'll get ticketed for walking around with a huge axe like that?(not that it should be illegal :p) hell people get ticketed for pocket knives for riding the bike not a bike path etc... but when there are real crimes lol cops see shit.

  • What a shame, will bike thieves stop at anything to lift a cheap bike? Hard to believe no one came out to confront them, given how loud the chopping must have been and how long it would take. Then again, I guess I'd be reluctant to approach anyone that stupid who's wielding an axe...

  • i dont know how to post please someone help me.

  • Step 1: Stop sniffin the glue

    Step 2: Realize you just posted

  • This is going on in every part of Brooklyn. 3 blocks from my home there is a downed tree. Why is it down? There were no storms in the last couple of days. I can only surmise that someone cut it down in order to steal the bicycle. My recommendation to people is to take your bicycles inside in order to avoid any further trees being maliciously cut down. I also recommend that people stop chaining their bikes on tree trunks as well. These are living entities that deserve more respect.

  • Does anyone else have the "Benny Hill" song in their head when they watch this?

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