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Missing Senior Black Cat-Brighton Beach

Hey everyone. Hoping to find some help. Posted on here about 3 years ago when our cat went missing-he came back after 3 days, was hiding in a yard, accidentally locked out.

He's missing again-this time early morning July 4th. Some people were setting off fireworks, looks like he got spooked. Lost around Coney Island Avenue/Brighton 10th/Oceanview, but we don't know if he wandered beyond that towards the beach and subways to Brighton Beach Ave.

Posted signs and still nothing.

Our cat tends to run away when confronted and we think he may have been chased off somewhere. We searched all over the house, including basement and garage and the neighborhood and have no found him.

If anyone here lives in Brigton Beach or knows someone who does, please pass this info along.

****Was told by a shelter that there is a local cat lady named Oksana, tried calling her repeatedly and left messages-but no calls back.

He's a black cat with yellow eyes, neutered, black/purple purple paw pads. He's old, 12-13 years so has some weight on him(then again he's been missing 2 weeks, he's not skinny but not obese either. If you think you found him please contact.


  • Fixed your image.

    Please post fliers around subways, all pet stores and markets, craiglist, petfinder, fido, and check in with every local pound (animal control)

    I hope your kitty is back home soon! :cat:

  • Your cat's eyes are extremely dazzling.

    I hope you locate her soon.

    God bless her.

  • Thanks guys and thanks Mamacita for fixing the link-I don't know why the pic didn't go through.

    Posted around the neighborhood and still nothing. Been going to the shelter every couple of days since they seem to bring in a lot of black cats.

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