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Sink holes at 23rd St. and 6th Ave. Call 3-1-1

Can I ask folks in the neighborhood to call 3-1-1 to complain about both sink holes? We called about the original one, then they filled the second one, now both are gaping maws after this heat.

More complaints the merrier to get DOT off its butt.

Post the complaint #'s here and I'll follow up with Community Board 7.

Thanks in advance!


  • Just called 3-1-1

    "Street cave in conditions" #C-1-1-670151033

  • Reposted on the CCGH newsgroup. .That was quick.

    From a post on

    Can folks on these list servs who live in the immediate area also call? You can send me the service request number (or I guess post it on the thread) and I'll work with CB7 on getting this fixed, since it has been over 2 months and getting worse.

  • 1-1-670309141

  • These sink holes which are peppering the streets of the Slope, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights, etc. are the residue of a huge project in the late '80s to replace all the 19th century sewers in that part of Brooklyn. The standard practice at the time was to just fill in the excavation after the new pipes were laid leaving in place the wooden shoring. 20-30 years later the wood is rotting out leaving empty spaces underground which then cave in due to traffic pressures above. The only way to correct the problem completely is to open up the street, pull out the rotting timbers & refill. This was done on my street in Sunset Park 8 years ago, but there is probably not the money to do that now. So the city just fills one by one as they develope. Keep calling 311. It took our block 2 years to get problem permanently solved.

  • They are working on the holes (or were) as I type this. Will be heading down to see the progress. Finally!

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