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Where does South Park Slope end and Sunset Park begin?

I just saw an ad on craigslist for housing and it said an apt on 41 Street was in South Park slope! I laughed because I live on 40th st and would not have the chutzpah to say i lived in any kind of slope. Just wondering.


  • I'm pretty sure that the Realtor consensus is that South South Slope ends at the Verrazano.

  • I've always wanted to declare some week Truth in Craigslist Advertising and enlist everyone with some free time to go through and flag Realtor location lies.

    We could warn them first. Imagine if everyone wasting time on the internet used a little of that for good....

  • I agree with both WhyFi and tateinbk. I have a building in park slope proper....when listing an apartment I get lots of people telling me that they have been through so many showings in places claiming to be park slope but are no where near the area. Some have been looking for months and have gotten very frustrated.

    As far as I am concerned.....ANYTHING OVER 9ST IS SOUTH SLOPE!

  • Agreed, landlord: I'd say 9th St on is "South Slope" ending at about 18th or 19th Street.

  • its 9th street to the highway 18th st and prospect ave in some places.

    after that there is a buffer neighbourhood called greenwood heights its in between south slope and sunset park.

  • When I was living in Red Hook west of Hicks Street, some realtors were calling it West Carroll Gardens, others were calling it Cobble Hill. No one would ever refer to it as South Brooklyn which is what it was. Now I live in "Ditmas Park." Come on it's Flatbush. . . Park Slope ends around 19th or 20th Street. The area between Sunset Park and Park Slope is called Greenwood. (It's near the cemetery.)

  • I came across a blog post some time ago- can't find it now - written by a long term Sunset Park native, who laughed at such niceties as "Greenwood Heights" and "South Slope".

    According to the author, there was no such neighborhood as "Sunset Park" before WWII. That was just the name of the park. What people called Park Slope extended southward to meet what people called Bay Ridge somewhere around 40th St.

    Now maybe residents of the area were just trying to glom off the cachet those neighborhoods enjoyed at the time, but with changing demographics between 9th and 65th, more well-off residents and relators at the northern and southern extremes began insisting on much narrower definitions to protect the neighborhood brands from being associated with a certain element. This attitude appears to prevail today amongst the "north of 9th" snobs here.

  • sunset park was created out of bay ridge due to highway that was built.

  • Don't get me started on this again...

    Boarders of GWH:

    North: Prospect Expressway

    South: 36th Street (edge of Green-Wood)

    East: 2nd Ave

    West: 8th Ave-ish

    South Slope? I'd say north of Prospect Expressway till 9th St? But that may be a stretch.

    41st St. is totally Sunset Park.

  • My old place on Prospect Ave between 6th and 7th was officially called Windsor Terrace by Street Easy. I always thought WT started at PPW. Who knew! My new nabe is simply called Classified ha.

  • Wikipedia puts the separation of "South Slope" from Park Slope at the community board border, which is about as useless a boundary for neighborhood purposes as anything.

    I'm not certain "South Slope" even exists, except to delineate where people who consider themselves Park Slope residents would refuse to live.

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