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Please help the homeless kitties

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As you know our very own crazy cat lady caseopele and her partner are looking for some help. Many of you already know how passionate she is about these animals and goes above and beyond to help. Recently she posted about a family of kittens that needs help:

"Please if you can share this on your page and ask around. We have a Felv + colony that needs to be Trap Neuter and Returned to keep it under control. I have two of the positive kittens in hospice care which can get expensive with their supplements. Even if you can only donate $10 that can feed about 6 ferals for a week"

Anything you can donate will much appreciated:


  • Thank you so much, Stacey! xoxo

  • Just so ya know!

    Sidewalk/bake sale this Saturday, 11-6, August 6th, outside Rocco & Jezebel for Pets at 89 Pineapple Walk between Cadman Plaza & Henry street in Brooklyn Heights. Books, clothes, toys, brownies, cupcakes, mystery items! All proceeds benefit a TNR project for feral cats by Kitty Mafia Rescue, stop by if you can. Thanks!
  • Thanks, Mama! We may do it again this Saturday since we still have a lot of clothes, books, glassware, toys, & miscellaneous items. No baked goods this time though, even though they were delicious they didn't sell so we had to take most of them home. :-(

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