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Persian Cat

If you or anyone that you know is interested in a young, pure bred, silver Persian cat please PM me. An owner is moving and can't take her cat. This is a beautiful and extremely friendly cat. Just spreading the word.


  • Love to know where you move that you can't take your cat. I brought two cats with me when I moved from Australia, and every place I've lived in, allowing cats has been a precondition to my considering the place. A friend is going back to Australia and taking her dog with her.

  • You are absolutely right, bohuma. I don't know this person and don't care to but I sympathize with the cat and hope that someone is interested in adopting it. I have moved with my cats all over the US so I personally don't have any sympathy for this person but do feel bad for the cat.

  • If the owner bought the cat from a breeder, rescue group or shelter, they'll likely want to rehome the cat themselves and she should contact them immediately (in fact she is probably obliged to do so under the adoption agreement). If she bought it from a pet store she is responsible for rehoming.

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