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Radioactive iodine treatment for cats

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My cat is one of the few who cannot take Methimazole? (thyroid medication). He nearly died this past three weeks and we are happy (and $1200 poorer) to have him alive and recovering. BUT he does need to have radioactive iodine treatment. The price in the city is ANOTHER $1,900. I was thinking that there may be a place I could drive to that would be more affordable? Upstate perhaps? Anyone have any ideas on this? (Surgery is $4k)!! Yikes.


  • Call some vets in Staten Island. I know some folks from off-leash that go there and have said they really like their vets and care is far cheaper than here. Not sure who they see, but might be worth just calling a few that get good reviews online.

  • I have no idea about any of this but I just want to wish your kitty the best. It's terrible having a sick pet

  • Where are you going in the city - have you talked to the vets at Humane Society of NY they are much more affordable in general.

  • You could try the ASPCA at 92nd St. in Manhattan. Their fees are based on what you can pay and their vets are quite good.

  • Gotta second PragmaticGuy - 92nd St ASPCA vets and staff are great, and they'll definitely work with you financially.

  • I unfortunately only know of one place that does it in the city - the specialty clinic so I know that it's probably pricey. But I just wanted to throw in my two cents about the treatment. I think that the radioactive iodone treatment works wonders for cats. It's a simple injection, hospital stay and they are pretty much cured. If your cat is a good candidate for it then go for it. It is worth every penny and in the end may be less than you spend on meds. Call around to neighboring states and see what kind of estimates you get.

  • Thanks I called out on Long Island and if I pay cash I got a quote of $1300. This is affiliated with the Cat Clinic on 5th Avenue (Bregman?) I know some people hate that place. I didn't mind it but preferred it when the father was working there. I left when the son took over.

    We really have non choice, our cat cannot take the caused liver failure.

    This is a specialty treatment and I don't think the 92nd St ASPCA offers it. I will call and see if they have a referral though

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