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Lost Black and White Cat. Help!

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Please help me find my lost cat. Lost on Butler between Hoyt and smith on 10/11 at 1 am.

He is black and white. Responds to "Ahoy!" but is very timid and most likely hiding underneath something he will need to be dragged out of. Distinct markings include two white strips of fur on his white hind legs and an entirely black back with an all white underbelly.

He is unfortunately not currently wearing a collar but he is microchipped so if brought to a vet all of my information will be available. Please call (201-741-1953) or email me about him. He is a very important member of the family and we want him to come home.



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  • Put up fliers on all your surrounding blocks. Contact Fido Brooklyn to have them get it up on their site and send it out to their members. I hope he's found and brought home quickly!

  • Also go to the Brooklyn AC&C with pictures and ask to look for yourself and visit the sick room to check there too. If he was brought in sometimes they develop cold due to stress and get sent to sick room. Don't trust them to check for as microchip as the are overwhelmed and useless. Go there and look and put up pics and nearby vets.

  • He's probably still very close to your home. Be sure to check all around your building, under porches, in sheds in backyards. You may find him there. Good luck!!

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