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Car Break-In

I found my car's window smashed and valuables missing yesterday. It was parked on 18th St between 10th and 11th Ave. This is the 2nd time for me, last time was the same thing in June, when I was parked on 20th Street, right by 10th Ave. I drive an old, messy car, so either someone doesn't like me, these break-ins are getting out of hand, or I'm just unlucky.

I don't expect the cops to help much with this; our best bet is just to keep nothing valuable in our cars in this area. Maybe if the thieves don't expect to find anything in our cars they'll try another neighborhood.


  • There was a simliar break in last Monday night on 18th St between 8th and 9th. The owner of the car still does not know about it since the car is still there (alternate parking was suspended on Wed). The car was also old, the type where the back door has two windows (the smaller one being easier to break).

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