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Why Google, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

I don't want to use Google Plus. I don't like Google Plus. Where are the privacy settings on Google Plus?

I just want to share blog posts in Reader with a small group of people.

In your effort to compete with lose to Facebook with social media, you have now made this extremely complicated.

Well done.


  • It sounds like you want to do... exactly what Google Plus was designed for you to do?

    Sharing is opt-in on Google Plus, not opt-out. There's no public wall for everyone to see and post on--you have to manually select which people you want to share an item with each time. You can group them into "Circles" for convenience.

    (I'm not shilling for Google+, I haven't used it in months myself. And I have no idea how Reader integrates with it, *and* it is of course annoying when you're shoehorned into using something you're not interested in. But it sounds like you complained about the one thing Google Plus is specifically designed for--sharing with small groups of people.)

  • Basically until today, I could tag, share and comment on blog posts directly in Reader.

    Now I have to use a separate product to do what I could previously do in one.

    It makes zero sense.

    Google is intentionally making its user experience worse b/c they want to shove g+ down their users throats.

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