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Lost Cat

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We lost our cat on 10/25. He is a small light orange nearly hairless cat (Devon Rex breed). He responds to his name: "crackle." His picture is below with our dog (who happily is not missing). A reward is being offered. Please contact me at (347) 574-2152 if you have any information as to his whereabouts. Thanks.

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  • There is no pic but as winter is quickly approaching a hairless cat is not going to fare well in this weather. Please contact the AC&C and local vets to see if he was brought in. Also offering a reward may help as someone may have him and think they can sell him as he is a purebreed. Put posts on craigslist, petfinder and tabby tracker with pics of him and good luck!

  • Flyers, flyers, flyers all around your block.

    Also, you should post a more specific location than Brooklyn.

    The Fido website has some good advice on finding lost pets.

  • Thanks for the advice. I tried uploading the pic but the site rejected it. We have more flyers ready to go up once the rain stops--there's a couple up already. I have contacted AC&C and vets but no sign yet. I think he is probably hiding out in an adjoining yard as he escaped out the back door and there is little access out to the street but there's about 20 yards & a lot of small sheds & other places to hide. I offered a reward so I'm hoping that people on the block may make the effort to look in their yards.

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  • Here is the picture of Crackle

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  • Poor kitty! Make sure fliers go up at subway entrances and ask if you can post them at all local bodegas/markets/vets/pet stores. Contact local blogs! Really, it works! Contact them and ask for help and if they'll post about your lost pet, tell them about how he's hairless and how on Sat we expect snow and freezing temperatures, they'll help to get the word out. (NY Shitty, FIPS, Brooklyn Paper? Crown Heights blogs?)

  • i agree blogging and flyering works. i encouraged the crew from kiki's pet spa to get their missing cat's info and pic up on the blogs even though they flyered the nabe already. a week later he had been found. sometimes its just that ppl dont know what to do when they find a lost pet or dont realize that the animal belongs to someone.

  • Any update to his whereabouts since he went missing on 10/25?

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  • If you need to borrow a trap in hopes of catching him that way then please PM me. Be sure to list him as missing on TabbyTracker.com and Craig's List but flyers really work the best. Also, where did you lose him so that people in that area can keep an eye out. Street and cross streets are helpful. Is your cat microchipped?

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