Horseplay? — Brooklynian


This is going to sound crazy, but did anyone else see three horseback riders headed down Franklin Avenue near St Marks/Prospect/Park? It must have been about 10:10 PM today 11/8/11.

All three of them were wearing brown jackets and I don't believe that horses had blinders. They were booking it across the streets that I named, with impatient gypsy cabs right on their.. umm.. tails.

Curious if anyone had any info..


  • YES! I saw them as I was exiting the subway at Franklin/Eastern Parkway, probably just a few minutes after you. They were headed south at a brisk trot & when they saw the light at Eastern Parkway turn yellow, they shouted to one another and started cantering. They blew through the light like nothin'.

    Maybe they were members of the Federation of Black Cowboys? Seems like Franklin Avenue's a little far from their stable for that though.

    Whoever they are, seeing them made me SO HAPPY.

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