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Brisket - where to buy good quality?

I mainly have found it at places like Key Foods, but not sure of the quality. Anyone know where to get this? (also, any help on beef tongue also appreciated!)


  • Fleisher's in Park Slope (5th ave/Berkeley?) probably has it or they can preorder one for you. Note: you pay for what you get there.

  • Fairway in Red Hook has some good beef and it's typically cheaper than anywhere in the slope. You could probably even call them to check before heading over, but that's where I get most of my meat. They carry prime (better than choice) in a lot of cuts, which is great for steaks. There's a bus that stops along 9th St that goes over there, in case you didn't know.

  • David's Brisket on Nostrand Ave in Bed-Stuy

  • I believe David's is closed for renovations.......again. There's another place on the corner of Atlantic Avenue & Grand Ave called Best Deli Cafe, that can cook a pretty moist and decent tasting brisket. Ask for a slice to taste just as a rule of thumb, whether it's David's or Best Deli.

  • Oh, I was suggesting Fairway for the raw meat, not the finished product.

    Which are you looking for, OP?

  • If he's looking for raw brisket & tongue, then Fleischer's, or Acadian Pastures in the Grand Army Plaza/Prospect Park Greenmarket.

  • Sorry, indeed meant raw meat to cook myself. I think I'll check out Fairway (don't know why it didnt cross my mind!) as I have a car and like their quality/price ratio. Fleischers for tongue. Thank's all. You're all invited for dinner.

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    You can also try Paisano's Meats on Smith Street (between Wyckoff and Bergen). I have been going to them for years and never had a complaint.

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