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Young kittens in Prospect Park--just dumped?

My dog found 3 kittens, maybe 2.5 months old in the park.

They hissed and tried to bite me but I think they might be scared and sensed my extreme fear of them (yeah, I'm terrified of cats plus allergic). They looked pretty good and not particularly wormy (no bloated bellies), clean no obvious eye gunk. Besides my fear of them, my dog is kind of a killing machine so I'm scared to bring them home. I ran back and took them some water and a can of mushy dog food which they were nuts over and started meowing like crazy as soon as they smelled it.

While eating they let me touch and stroke them with sticks and they didn't react at all. They might just be dumped and scared.

They are just inside the PPW park wall about where 8th St intersects. I walk through there all the time and have never seen these particular kittens so I don't think they are part of the ferral colony at 9th St.

If you or anyone you know can get them, please do. I haven't figured out where to keep them at home where they would be safe from my dog and I'm worried about them there--lots of people let their dogs run off leash there and it's usually people who don't really pay attention to what their dogs are doing.

The only person who gets to lecture me on leaving them there is the person who goes to get them :)


  • We have the kittens now. I couldn't stand it and we are just missing the first of the show. I took my boyfriend, who is very brave with cats, back and a box and we brought them home. They hissed but let him pick them up and some seemed to enjoy him holding them. Definitely dumped. I'm still scared of the hissing but my bf thinks they are pretty nice.

    We have them in a dog crate in the cellar now and are heading out now (running late to a show with not so cheap tickets). Only safe spot where the crate fits and the dog can't get to them.

    WE CANNOT KEEP these kittens. Caseo is going to try to talk to a group for me and tomorrow I'll check with my vet as they sometimes keep adoptable kitties in their office. Please please let me know if you or anyone you know can take these guys (or girls?). I'll try to post pictures when we get home.

  • I have shared your messages with the NYC Feral Cat Listserve and hopefully someone will be able to assist you in determining if these kittens are socializable and can be adopted or candidates for TNR. As they are young it is likely they can be socialized. I would recommend wearing thick gardening style gloves when handling them to avoid bites and scratches and keeping them in a confined space.

    It is likely they may have fleas, worms or ear mites. Do NOT buy anything with a collar or any of the Hartz brands as they too strong for kittens.

    You can use Dial Gold liquid soap to wash them and this will drive off and kill fleas. If they are old enough you can buy Revolution or Frontline for kittens from your vet - this is easier but not recommended if they are underweight, sickly or too young as the medicine can be too strong for them.

    You need to be careful what you feed them. We recommend cat food not kitten and only wet food. Kitten food has too much protein and can give little ones the runs and this can make them very ill very quickly. Wellness chicken formula, Evo Turkey, or even Beech Nut Stage 1 baby food in chicken & broth works well. Be mindful not to feed anything that contains garlic or onions as these are poisonous. You want the food to be sloppy and easy to digest so avoid fish or beef or other odd varieties. You want to make sure you offer them water as well but be aware they will likely tip over any bowl you put in and make a mess so you will have to refill it often. At this age they need to eat very frequently and you can leave out food for them - however if you cannot do this due to the dog then feed them no less than 4 times a day but more is recommended, they cannot overeat at this age.

    Should they become lethargic, start vomiting, refuse food or have watery diarrhea take them to a vet right away as they are very fragile at this age.

    If you take them to the city shelter they WILL be put to sleep as they are too young for adoptions. Contact local rescue groups such as BARC, and Sean Casey Animal Rescue, but also Kitty Kind, Bide-A-Wee, Anjellicle Cats Rescue, North Shore Animal League to see if they can help you. Many are quite full as kitten season gets longer every year but if you explain to them you have no experience with this and don't know what you are doing maybe they can help you.

  • One of the rescuers I work with suggested contacting Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue:

    I have not personally worked with this group so I cannot vouch for them but they are another resource for you to explore.

  • Definitely have fleas. I think younger than I thought, maybe 7-9 weeks. Very skinny. Some healthy looking poop when we gave them litter last night.

    Definitely not ferral. One is quite sweet and likes to be held, purrs, etc. Other two are a little skittish but my boyfriend hand fed them some last night while holding them so they can be.

    If a group (those suggested by y'all, ASPCA, humane society, my vet) can't take them I'll have to take them to CACC (I'd rather humane euthanasia than the fate they had in the park). The only way to keep them away from our dog is in the dog crate in the gross cellar and I don't think that's fair and I'm not ready to take on the vet bills and safe home finding of three cats. So please keep rescue group info coming or let me know if you are interested in taking them on.

  • I am willing to donate food, litter or cash to anyone who can take these guys in until a suitable shelter or foster family can be found.

  • Did you hear from Sean Casey yet?

  • The Euthenasia at CACC isn't all that humane - they dont anesthetize them before they inject them with the poison that kills them and they do feel quite a lot of pain.

    Humane Society is unlikely yo take them and I am not sure if the ASPCA is doing intake again - although there they may still end up at the AC&C. Contact Sean Casey, Bide-A-Wee, Kitty Kind etc - they are great groups and will NOT euthanize them. Just explain you have no idea what to do and you need help and that due to your dog not being cat friendly you cant keep them.

    Start calling right away the APSCA adoption desk number is (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.

    Bide-A-Wee is 866-262-8133

    You cannot just drop them off there you have to call for an appointment first to see if they have space for you. It will likely take at least an hour for the process to get them taken in by the shelters.

    if you want to PM me and give me your contact info I will also put a plea out of Facebook for you.

    You've done a good thing saving their lives from the cold now please for their sake continue until they are truly safe.

  • Opossum Queen, thank you so much for taking in these little guys! Sounds like they were just scared and are not feral (you likely saved them from becoming truly feral by socializing them so young--this will help them get adopted, so kudos to you).

    I'd be happy to donate some food, litter or other supplies if it will help you keep them until you can find someone who will take them. Please message me privately and we can discuss. Also, if you find someone who will take them, but they need an interim home, please message me privately. (Many shelters won't take kittens under 3 mos.)

    All the best to you!

  • Sean Casey is taking these little guys in. Kudos to OQ!!

  • Sean said I can bring them by tomorrow and he'll look at them. Fingers crossed for that to go well. That's really the best case scenario, imo. Lots of folks with rescue groups are emailing with lots of possible help but I really don't want to be responsible for choosing their homes.

    They are little so they don't eat that much so no need for food help, but thanks so much for offering. They are messy with what they do eat--I might need to put a tarp down for them!

    There are two grey/tabbies that look about the same to me and one white one.

  • Oh, they are too sweet! Thanks again, OpossumQueen. Please report back to us on what Sean Casey says tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, enjoy those sweet little purrs.

  • There is absolutely no way these are feral. Somebody's pet cat got knocked up and they didn't take her to the vet to be spayed during pregnancy and dumped the kittens afterwards. I hope that they'll at least take the mother cat to the ASPCA's low cost spay & neuter van before she gets pregnant again.

  • Great job, OP - keep us posted!!

  • Just look at those whiskers!! I DIE of TEH CUTENESS!!!!

  • Kittens have had a bath and a dose of revolution thanks to a great cat rescuer.

  • Thank you so much for picking these kittens up! If there were more people like you and your boyfriend in this world it would be a much nicer place. I will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow. We adopted one of our cats, Boo (in my profile pic), from Sean Casey.

  • omg that tabby is BEAUTIFUL. If i were living in more than one room I would totally take one off your hands to be friends with the Bruno. Great job, OP!

  • Just look how that white one is leaning into the hand to get petted. He is a love sugar cookie!

  • I miss their purring already but luckily Sean Casey took on the kittens! I'm so happy for them. They were all happy to be held this morning and are getting really playful. "Is that string?? I LOVE string!"

    Anyone looking for a pet should check them out...he had lots of cute kitties, dogs, and all kinds of other fuzzy animals up for adoption.

    Another great Brooklynianer gave us a ride.

  • I am so happy this turned out well. Sean is a wonderful guy and he does great work. He will ensure these guys live a long and happy life.

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