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Brokers for Ditmas Park / Kensington?

I am looking to find a studio (well, in an ideal world, a one bedroom), 400 sq. ft. or larger, < $1250/mo. in Ditmas Park or Kensington. Lots of light, elevator bldg, laundry, bike storage...all a plus.

What are my chances of finding something?

What brokers should I try? What brokers should I avoid?

I am not looking to start looking until January 1st but trying to get information now. Thanks!


  • I recommend you check out

    You can email me and I will follow up with you with apartments closer to your move in date.

  • The winter time is when there are the fewest amount of apartments on the market. Some people think it is good because there is less demand, but I tried to rent an apartment in the winter and it was tough. There just isn't a lot of selection out there at this time of year. If you don't find anything in January, wait until April and many more apartments will be available.

  • I am already looking so if anyone knows of brokers, management companies, landlords, etc....please send along their info. Thank you!

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