Josh Rubin (owner of Whisk Cafe) found dead — Brooklynian

Josh Rubin (owner of Whisk Cafe) found dead


Reported missing on October 31, Josh Rubin of the Whisk Bakery Cafe was just found dead in Pennsylvania, apparently of a gunshot wound (homicide). They identified his body using DNA evidence.

Owners of the Whisk space just posted a notice that they are moving forward on reclaiming the premises.

A commenter on Ditmas Park Blog sums it up like this: "I didn't know Josh, but I feels as if I did because I have seen the missing-person flyers all over Park Slope the past few months ... He looked like many of my friends, and he had-- what looked like-- one of those contagious smiles. He looks likes such a decent person who obviously was loved."

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