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Butternut - sweet orange cat needs a home

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Meet Butternut, the big orange cat that we TNR'd on Thanksgiving!

orange cat

Butternut has turned really friendly since he was neutered. For a few weeks after he was released he was still acting scared and feral. But suddenly one day, a couple of weeks ago, he started meowing at us... And then he wanted to be pet... And a week later he was jumping into laps, wanting to snuggle!

Before he was fixed Butternut got into a scuffle with another cat in our garden, and the other cat is still scared to be around him. Because of that, and because he has turned out to be super-friendly, Butternut really desperately needs an indoor home!

Butternut release 3 (11.26.2011)

Butternut is a big boy with a large round head. He is a real lap-cat, very affectionate, friendly and smart. He is fixed, FIV and FeLV negative, and has all his shots. He is eartipped. Butternut needs a warm, loving, forever-home with some mature, stable people. Please PM me if you could offer him a home?

The other cat in our garden, a tabby called Micky Whitechest, could also use a home. He is more independent than Butternut, but also sweet and loving, fixed, with a clean bill of health.

Micky Whitechest 9.17.2011

An adoption application, home visit, and modest fee will be requested.

Thank you!

(I'll try to get some photos of Butternut with his ear tip and post an update. Mods - please sticky for a while?)


  • Here is a new picture of the Nut where you can see his ear tip and his pretty gold eyes:

    butternut 1.8.2011 018

    and here you can see how he loves to lounge on laps:

    butternut 1.8.2011 010

    Please - if anyone is interested in meeting Butternut and possibly adopting or fostering him, PM me or email bedstuycats at yahoo. He's such an easygoing sweetheart, he really deserves a home.

  • Any word on Butternut?

  • A wonderful person came to our garden and met Butternut on January 22nd. We dropped him off at their house just last Friday, but we weren't sure if it would work...

    Butternut came out of his carrier, did a quick lap around the new apartment, and then he flopped down in the middle of the carpet and started purring and kneading! I have never seen a cat so comfortable so quickly! He rolled around happily.

    But, we had no idea if he knew how to use the litterbox. We left him in his new home and hoped... And we got the good news - he's a very complete and polite litterbox user!

    Butternut is now called Butters. He has been adopted and saved from the streets by a kind, interesting person. He loves belly-rubs. Here are a few pictures of Butters in his new home.

    Butters in his new home 1.28.2011 Here is Butters on Saturday. After just one day in his new home he looks so clean and relaxed!

    He doesn't eat food all day even though it is there for him, choosing instead to wait for his human to come home at night, and then he'll eat. He loves belly-rubs. He'd like to sleep on top of his human but he's a big boy! He got his tail caught in something and he didn't meow or panic, he just looked up at his human mournfully. He loves snuggling...

    Butters in his new home 1.31.2012

    Here is Butters just yesterday, relaxing against his human.

    And did I mention, he loves belly-rubs? He does!

    Please unsticky. Thank you so much to Butters' new human.

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  • Awww, warm happy feelings! I'm so glad to hear Butters has a forever home. He looks like such a sweetheart.

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