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Seatrain Workers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (1977)


Seatrain workers on a break at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, 1977. One of several hundred photos donated by Frank J. Trezza, long-time electrician at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Most are from 1973-1978, when Trezza worked for Seatrain Shipbuilding.

Trezza's work provides an inside view of the Navy Yard during the final years of shipbuilding.


  • I might make this the "historical photo" thread if I can come up with a sexier name.

    Anyway, here's an old colorized postcard of Ravenhall Pool and Baths in Coney Island, which burned down in 1963. They also had a Parachute Jump ride that looks pretty awesome, as referenced in the blog post:


  • A champagne cave built into the base of the Brooklyn Bridge:


    Invisible New York: The Hidden Infrastructure of New York City says: "For many years the vault pictured here, located under the Manhattan approach to the bridge, was rented to a wine merchant for champagne storage because the temperature changed so little during the year. Other vaults similar to this one contain rusting fallout shelter helmets and casting patterns for the specialized parts of many of the city’s old bridges."

    Source: via Joe on Pinterest

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