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1941 No Hands Cake-Eating Contest, Sponsored by Drake's Cakes


These boys won a “no-hands” cake eating contest at the 9th annual “Kiddy Party” at Luna Park on September 8, 1941.

The “Kiddy Party,” a 3-day benefit for underprivileged NYC kids, was sponsored by... Drake’s Cakes, which actually started in Brooklyn. Today, Drake's are known for Ring Dings and Devil Dogs, but when they started in 1888, they sold pound cake by the slice at 1006 Wallabout Market.

The winners were, left to right, 13-year old Harold Gold from the Bronx (first place); 13-year old Philip Rothman from Brooklyn (second place); and 10-year old William McGowan from Brooklyn (third place). The judge, NBC Songstress Diane Courtney, congratulated the boys.

Read more, including an exhaustive history of Drake's Cakes: http://brooklynhistory.org/blog/2012/03/09/brooklyn-history-photo-of-the-week-no-hands-cake-eating-contest/


  • Nice pic!

    Ah, I remember all those Drakes tv commercials. They sure were fun. My grandma had a collie named Taffy and he loved eating Drakes Devil Dogs.

    Real good stuff!

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