Needed: great cleaning service, hasmat style to clean a new apt — Brooklynian

Needed: great cleaning service, hasmat style to clean a new apt

Hi everyone.

I will be moving very soon to the Chinatown section of Sunset Park. I would like to hire a good cleaning service to scrub down my new place, especially the bathroom, and kitchen. Any suggestions?


  • I have heard that Si Se Puede are very good. I keep meaning to try them. See reviews on Yelp.

  • I'ved used Si Se 3 times. The first two times were great (though I just needed basic cleaning then after having surgery). Recently we had some very messy work done on our house and I had them come back (this time it was different ladies) for a thorough cleaning. They did okay but missed tons of basic things (like the tile behind the stove, the fixtures in the sinks) and my floors (which were what I emphasized needing the most attention) were nowhere near clean afterwards and they gave me a much higher rate this time than the previous two cleanings. I had to mop several more times to get them near the clean I usually keep them at and these ladies finished much faster than the women here previously when the house wasn't so dusty.

    It's worth a shot, but be ready to go and really point to everything you want clean. You might also search Brownstoner for suggestions. This topic comes up there more than here.

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