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Lenox Rd between Nostrand Ave New York Ave - Safe?

I am looking for a new apartment and found a place in Lenox Rd between Nostrand Ave, but I am wasn't sure if it would be safe for me to walk at night. I am an Asian female in 20s & did feel a bit out of place walking around in the area during the day, but it also was my first time in Flatbush. Any input will be helpful.

Thank you!


  • hi there,

    I live on the next corner (Linden/Nostrand).

    I don't go out very late but feel safe when i come back around 12-1 am.

    The walk from the subway is short and Nostrand av is always full of people.

    I never tried Lenox at night - I think it is a bit dark and quiet during the night since it's only residential.

    I'm often the only white women in the subway but never feel unsafe or out of place. People are nice - lots of local stores.

    I just avoid being around during the Jouvert Festival (Labor day weekend)

    good luck ;_)

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! :-)

  • You will be just fine. Believe it or not most black people don't want to attack whites or any other ethnicity. Most are just going on about their lives trying to make a living. You will be fine if you use common sense.

  • Nostrand & Lennox Road? Flatbush or PLG is basically just working class families; the neighborhood is multicultural and welcoming. I am a white woman who has lived nearby for 15+ years. People help each other out, say hello and there is a general feeling of being a part of a larger community. I love it here. What size apt are you looking for? Price range? I know of a few that are closer to transportation and Prospect Park. Good Luck in any event. It is never easy shopping for a new place.

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts!

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