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Coop Homeowner's Insurance Recs (with an aggressive breed dog at home)?

I need to find homeowner's insurance for my apartment. I have 1 rec through Chubb but it is about 2.5xs higher than what I know friends pay for similar coverage (no dog though).

My dog has no bite history (and if you met her, would quickly see she's more likely to get bitten by a child than bite one). I have done a bunch of online searches and know that getting homeowner's insurance with one of the "bad dogs" is difficult. I have read that State Farm and All State have stopped using dog breeds as a basis for determining insurability and rely on dog bite history instead. However, I can't get either one of the agents I contacted from those companies to answer my queries. I can either stick with the one quote I have or perhaps try to see if I can get a regular policy excluding my dog and get a separate liability policy for my dog but I would prefer to just have it all inclusive.

Anyone out there have any recommendations or leads I could follow up on?


  • I'm an insurance broker, it's not hard to get a policy since most of them exclude animals anyhow. I don't know what your quote says so I can't tell if you're paying too much. In addition, if you're really worried about the dog biting issue I can get you a separate policy that covers dog bites but it's not cheap. $800/yr. Of course that's cheaper than having to hire a lawyer on your own.

  • Another approach is to get the AKC's Canine Good citizen (CGC) sertificate. Ther is some training involved & a simple test of 10 items like sitting while you stop & shake hands with someone, allowing the examner to touch the dog's head & forepaws, etc. (The details are on the AKC website.) There are numerous tests given in the NYC area during anay given year. The test fee is about $15 but in many cases, like at the Staten Island Compnaion dog Training Club, the test & fee is included in the Beginner 2 program. This certificate with its specfic standards is often helpful for those owning dogs of breeds that get a lot of bad press.

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