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Housing gets more expensive

According to an article on Bloomberg.com the median price of luxury condos, co-ops and 1-3 family houses in Brooklyn has risen to $1.37 million. The low end of that market starts at $999,000.

The median price of just ordinary co-ops, condos and 1-3 family houses fell to $477,108.

I suggest to those of you looking to buy, start saving those pennies now.


  • the not so cool places are still cheap no increases etc..and they be safe.

  • 1-3 family homes where in Brooklyn? Are they including housing in Brownsville, E NY, Gerritsen, Bergen Beach and so on?

  • There was no distinction or naming of areas in the article. It just claimed that the "median" price was that amount. I suspect the numbers may be so high because there are more houses being sold in "better" areas than are sold in Brownsville/East New York so that might skew the results somewhat.

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